Make This Moment Count.

Remember me?! I have been such a slacker with blogging and am going to work on integrating blogging into my life again. I could really use some encouragement along the way & feedback as to what you would like to see from me. In about 7 weeks or so little mr-no-name-yet is due to arrive, crazy how fast his arrival is coming our family’s way. The past couple months have been filled with a lot of sadness with the passing of my grandmother and then suddenly last week my uncle passed away. Both of these special people are on the same side of the family. Hoping the arrival of our new baby will bring some joy to us in the coming months. Tonight i had a wee bit of scrap therapy and had some fun with a new template from Katie Pertiet. Thinking i might print this out, perhaps on canvas or maybe i will frame it. Any recommendations as to a company to use for a canvas? Sometimes playing with pattern and colour is just FUN!

make this moment count by kayleigh wiles


Thanks for stopping by & please do share what postings you are hoping i get back into or start up …. thanks!


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  1. This looks amazing Kayleigh!! Inspired!! :) I want to send you tons of energy for the time to come – you will need it. Love your work and how you continue to inspire us all. Keep up your good work and all the best of luck with what is to come. Can’t wait to see the photos and layouts! :)

  2. So sorry to hear about your recent losses Kayleigh – I hope your scrap therapy helped – the design is amazing and will look wonderful on canvas. I enjoy the little challenges you post on here as well as when you talk us through how you designed a page/layout. :)

  3. Sometimes life seems so unfair. I hope that finding some time for scrapping and designing will help you through this sad time. With a new baby on the way you have something beyond wonderful to look forward to.

    I just love your “In the Making” series. It is so interesting to me to see your process.

  4. so beautiful Kayleigh…I love it and it would look fabulous on your wall I am sure. Hugs to you and your family during these difficult times. Looking forward to meeting your little guy!

  5. Blessings to you in the coming weeks! I love the raised text on that layout. I’ve really enjoyed the “fun uses for” posts that you’ve shared here and would love to see more.

  6. Thinking of you Kayleigh! I hope you are well and I am very sorry for your losses. I can’t wait to see that little guy in your pages–the time has flown by so quickly!

    PS. I have used Pixel2Canvas and was happy with the quality.

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