Fall Bucket List

It is fall around here … cooler days  and really cold overnight. Sweaters and socks are out of hiding. Sipping hot chocolate for an afternoon treat. Spencer and Eric are in school. Spencer’s 3rd day was on monday, he didn’t go because of some sniffles he had all weekend. We all have the sniffles around here, which is not great for this pregnant momma who can’t take anything. Also a few halloween decorations are making their way home and out of storage. Fall has become my favourite season these last few years. I love the cooler weather. The cozy feel of the season. And the warm colours.

Can’t wait to see some leaves changing colour around here.

Today i bring you some inspiration i found on pinterest. I set up a special fall board to collect the amazing fall details i have found online: Crisp Fall. {I love that site for random ideas all gathered together and love how you can organize them so it makes sense to you.} This poster had me totally inspired. I loved the idea that we could come up with a list of some fall things we want to do this year and that we could check them off as we go. Plus i could use some of my fun fall digi supplies to get my own personalized look.

bucket list from pinterest

Here is my list of what we came up with.

I printed the the bucket list like a photo & inserted it into this frame. As we do each of the fall activities i will use a erasable marker to check the item off.

fall_list by kayleigh wiles

Easy peasy & super cute.

What’s on your fall to do list?

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  1. This is so fun! I was just thinking the other day about putting together a Fall Fun list like this. Granted my summer fun list didn’t work out so well, haha, but maybe fall will be better? Thanks for sharing your list!

  2. Brilliant Kayleigh. It looks terrific and is really a great idea to help maintain some goals.

  3. Love it in this frame, Kayleigh!! Looks awesome!

  4. What a fun thing to do, Kayleigh! I love that you have your “cute” bucket list in a frame. 🙂

    • September 7, 2010I’m excited for you, but will miss you at polka dot plum! But I’ll see you at 2 peas Good luck. 2 peas is a great place to play.

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