All About You Scrapbook Prompts

There is something so special about having bits of history of the ones we love. The details of the everyday. Random thoughts that would otherwise be forgotten. Right here, right now. Being the one that documents all of the details of my family, i am not forgetting that I am a part of that family. I have a All About Kayleigh book that i have been working on throughout the years. I treasure the differences and the similarities of the details documented. {My father in law is really good at getting photos of me with the kids, or me taking photos.}

Here are some of my favourite All About Me scrapbook layouts that i have created. The first one is based on a challenge at Creative Inspiration Blog back from April 2009.

AAM 033009 by Kayleigh Wiles

This was a tough page for me to complete about things that i can do. But worth the process to come up with things that i can do. A good reminder to one’s self.

i can by kayleigh wiles

This one one isĀ about my huge splurge on my camera bag. Here i took some photos of me with the bag + detail photos of the bag itself, including the packaging. I used a template to showcase the photos. Made any purchases that you could capture on a layout?

So perhaps one or two of these simple page prompts will get your creative juices flowing to scrap about YOU!

* Stressed out? Feeling happy? List all the reasons why on a page.

* Capture the season you look forward to each year.

* Document your favourite shows right now.

* Grab your favourite 9 photos, place them in a grid.

* Make a list of what is on your mind right now.

* Create a page based on your favourite quote.

* What was the easist decision you have made in your life?

* or what was the hardest decision you have made?

Do you struggle with AAM pages or do you scrap about yourself often? Link us up to your fave page that you created or someone else’s.

Have some fun scrapbooking about YOU!

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