05.11.11 Faves

I thought it would be fun to capture some of things in a post i am really digging right now. I have never really paid much attention to succulents but they seems to be everywhere right now. I saw this one on pinterest. Love the look of them and the shades of green with all the different textures.

I have been doing some paper scrapbooking again {fun & sticky!} I have totally fallen in love with this layout – love the colour palette, the fantastic design, the bits of ink/distressing, & the slight bit of the patterned paper works wonderfully. I think inspiration for digital scrapbooking can be found anywhere, including paper layouts.  

paper layout by megan klauer

This little man is growing quick – starting school in september, really enjoying kindergym gymnastics, only allows a couple smooches per day, loves being outside and going on adventures in the bush by our house, wants to play with the neighbours all the time, eats really well for the most part, requests water to drink occasionally, has dreams about dinosaurs that wake him up, will eat anything sweet, is a daddy’s boy.

spencer 051011

My new favourite font is Pea Robyn – doesn’t hurt that Robyn happens to be my middle name. 🙂

pea robyn link

I found this nook from pinterest {the source of an abundance of inspiration!} We have a nook by our front door that we could do something similar.

Thinking that this powerful saying needs to be placed on a scrapbook layout ASAP – how sweet is it?!

quote link

Amy Mallory is bursting at the seams with inspiration, and watch out she just got a new camera! She is at Masterful Scrapbook Design for May where we are focusing on stash busting. Be sure to join in if you are not already. This page of hers went straight into my faves today. Love the adorable colour photo, her great colour scheme, the layering of brushwork, stitching & elements.

testing_1_2_3 by Amy Mallory

I love turquoise. It is becoming my signature colour … so why not paint the front door turquoise? so we did. I totally giggled when i saw this posting by Cathy Zielske where she is painting part of her house the green that we all know and love of hers.

Food.People.Want … have a scroll through that site and see if you can find anything that you might want to eat on there.

How ’bout all of it? Tacos De Barbacoa are making my mouth water … we will be making these in the near future. Eric is craving the Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich.


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  1. Succulents are among my absolute favorites. There are so many interesting varieties. We just had our yard mulched and one of the guys tore ALL of mine up (that I had planted 6 years ago thinking they were weeds… (how could that be?) Luckily, they put them all back and I am hoping they will come back. Anyway – great post!

    • Kayleigh

      OH NO! Hope they all come back – guess that crazy mulch man learned his lesson of making that mistake!

  2. Oh Kayleigh, I am so pleasantly surprised to see my page listed in your current favs! What an honor!! I am just catching up on your blog (which I love) – thanks for sharing so many cool things with your readers!!!

    • Kayleigh

      Love your pages Amy – they are very inspiring! Glad we are at MSD together this month – just went through the postings this week & I love the details you shared. 🙂

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